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I'm Phillip
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Who's Phillip, and why do I care?
February 2002
Deep Thoughts
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By Jack Han....... oh, wait. They're by me.

Me and Sierra.

Ok, this is how Sierra and I met. I was in Anchorage, Alaska at a conference for my local union, I'm the Secretary/Treasurer, anyway I'm out one night with a couple of friends. We ended up at the bar next to our hotel and Sierra and I met there, we sat and talked for what seems like a couple of hours now. I live in Oregon, and by coincidence, she was from here too, the state anyway. She's from the opposite side of the state that I am, but it was enough to keep the conversation going. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and I called her the next day, we talked on the phone for like four hours that night, I've never had an easier conversation with anyone in my life. We just talked and talked. We'll the next day, we decided to meet and have lunch, maybe dinner too. So we did, then we went to her apartment and sat up almost all night talking. It was a great night. After that we talked on the phone for a solid month. I don't think we spent more than six hours off of the phone at any one time that entire month. Then she decided to move back to Oregon. So I told her that I would pick her up at the Airport in Portland and take her to her home town. I did and we decided that instead of her staying there, that she'd come live with me. It's been nine months since then and I haven't regretted it a bit. We argue like all couples, but we both know that even when it's a bad argument that the other person still loves us. Our love and trust in each other is our greatest asset in this relationship. We are planning on marrying in June (maybe) and possibly in Hawaii. It'll just be the two of us. We have tried to plan three other weddings with our families in attendance but they never work out. So we're thinking of just running off and eloping and then having a big reception when we get back. It seems to be working as long as my job will give me the time off.

Updated: February 27, 2002