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Who's Phillip, and why do I care?
February 2002
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Ok, I know, I've had the site a year and I haven't updated it at all. So all of the old stuff doesn't apply. I don't know how many people actually come to this site, I know my Mom looks around here once in while, Hi Mom! In fact I had forgotten I even have this site until Mom reminded me about it. I was looking at it earlier and realizing how much things change in a year. Last time I was doing things with this site I was a sad, sad individual. My now ex was leaving me, I was just moving out of my house, and things looked really bad, to me anyway. Here it is a year later and I've got a great new love, I got my house out of the divorce, and my car, no child support and I get custody of my kids six months out of the year. Things are looking up for me. Life is great.

Updated: February 27, 2002.