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I'm Phillip
February 2002


Who's Phillip, and why do I care?
February 2002
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I update this monthly and delete the last month's entry so read it while it's here.

My philosphy on Life and Love.

I have a great philosphy on life now: "As long as you and your partner are happy and confident with your love and trust in one another, you can accomplish anything and overcome any obstacle." It's a good philosophy. It works for me and Sierra. We have our problems, every couple does, but we know that even when we fight we still love each other. I think that couples who don't fight are unnatural and just waiting for that big one to hit. Imagine it, never fighting? After a while things would just build up, the pressure would get to be too much after a while, the BOOM! A huge fight starts over something minor and petty and the relationship ends, that's one reason couples need to fight occasionally, to release that pressure so a little thing doesn't become a big thing and end it all, another reason is because making up is sooo goood!

My kids


I love my kids. They're great. My son Mat is four. He has a great personality. He'll walk up to me when we're playing and say, "YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?" and then he'll try to wrestle me to the ground. Cameo is my daughter, she'll be three in May. That girl has attitude. Her main problem is that she's cute, she knows it and she knows how to use it. I don't really give in to her too much, but occasionally she pushes my buttons the right way and I don't even know I've given in. Then my fiance, Sierra will point it out to me and I feel like a moron.

Updated: February 27, 2002